Donald Trump’s disgraceful bow to Russian Federation

President Trump holds a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

Donald Trump believed Russian President Vladimir Putin when he said that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 presidential election and only backtracked when his own backers - especially Fox News - criticized the controversial statement, a new report indicates.

Trump stunned the world on Monday by shying away from criticizing the Russian leader for Moscow's actions to undermine the election and cast doubt on US intelligence agencies, prompting calls by some USA lawmakers for tougher sanctions and other actions to punish Russia.

US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin started their first bilateral meeting here on Monday and they are expected to discuss a wide range of issues. "I think we're all to blame", the president, standing next to Putin, said during the news conference.

Senator Tom Cotton released a statement, saying the reason the relationship between the United States and Russian Federation "remains at a historic low" is that "Vladimir Putin is a committed adversary of the United States". Asked if Russian Federation was at all to blame for the poor ties, he said: "I hold both countries responsible".

"I have to say, I came back and I said. Can we still call him that?" "Ninety percent of the nuclear power in the world between these two nations, and we've had a phony witch hunt deal drive us apart", Trump said, going on to say he thinks the probe is the biggest impediment to stronger relations.

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Trump came under great pressure to raise the alleged meddling with Putin, who has on numerous occasions denied any wrongdoing. I think that the United States has been foolish. San Francisco resident and Trump donor Scott Robertson wasn't fazed by the president's remarks.

"Haven't presidents been killed in the United States?"

Expect (nothing) much: To prevent any backlash against a possible failure of the summit, Trump has already shielded Putin and himself by saying that he doesn't expect much from the meeting, while hoping for an "extraordinary relationship". "President Trump has just mentioned that we've successfully concluded the football World Cup".

As the report noted, those insiders said Trump was "truthful" in his initial statements, noting that he truly did believe Vladimir Putin over the opinion of US intelligence agencies.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, chair of the Armed Services Committee, said the press conference was "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory".

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