10 countries that love Netflix the most

10 countries that love Netflix the most

It's been a watershed moment on the horizon for some time, but new figures from Ofcom confirm subscription numbers for streaming services have overtaken the "traditional" pay TV market in the UK.

Both services have seen price increases recently as well-Netflix raised the price of its top-tier 4K streaming plan by $2 and its mid-tier plan by $1 at the end of a year ago, while an Amazon Prime annual subscription jumped to $119 in May (Prime Video is included in a Prime membership).

Walmart isn't totally new to video streaming-it already owns Vudu, a service for buying and renting movies. Total retail music sales grew by 6% in real terms between 2016 and 2017 driven by a 38% increase in online streaming service subscriptions to £577m.

Citing anonymous people familiar with the plans, The Information reports that Walmart is considering various ways to stand out, including undercutting Amazon and Netflix on price or offering an ad-supported free service. Subscription revenue generation was down 2.7 per cent previous year to £6.4bn.

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The idea is that by getting bigger, traditional media companies will be able to compete with Netflix and other tech companies that are paying billions to create new content.

Along with these findings, Ofcom also reported that the amount of time people spend watching broadcast TV continues to decline. Among 16 to 34-year-olds, total daily viewing time in 2017 was four hours 48 minutes, of which only two hours 11 minutes or 46% was of broadcast content, while just under an hour per day was spent watching content on YouTube. Of 3,729 Brits polled by Ofcom, 46% said they never use such services. Some 11.1 million homes have at least one of Netflix, Amazon or Now TV.

But UK broadcasters have a history of adapting to change. No details regarding the type of movies or shows that will be available have been released.

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