'America's Got Talent': Husband & Wife Trapeze Stunt Gone Wr

'America's Got Talent': Husband & Wife Trapeze Stunt Gone Wr

Cowell then turned to Tyce and said "and the fact that you're legally blind makes this incredible".

As Tyce hung upside down from the trapeze and prepared to catch his wife, who was balancing on his legs and the trapeze bar, he lost his grip. The judges began screaming as the camera cut to their two-year-old son and his grandmother, who were watching on in horror from the live studio audience.

Mary slipped past him and fell on the floor as he tried to grab her, to the alarm of judges and audience members. The mat broke her fall, and the stunned audience sat in silence for a few long seconds before she stood up and revealed that she was not seriously injured. Tyce got down to hug her and give her a kiss.

"I knew right away, I could feel her slipping through my hands and that feeling is just terrifying", he said.

"We would like to try the blindfold trick one more time", Mary asked the judges.

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Guest host Ken Jeong comforted the concerned performers, explaining that, even though things didn't go flawlessly, it was clear how skilled they really are. Despite the mishap, judge Simon Cowell was impressed and compared it to a good singer having a bad night. "This is not America's Got Perfection, it's America's Got Talent, nobody can do this", he said. It still doesn't make them not fantastic. And the consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you almost broke your neck.

A dumbfounded Howie answered: "You nearly got hurt very badly and your first thought was, "Let me do that again".

Howie: "You nearly got hurt very badly and your first thought was, "Let me do that again.' Only on 'America's Got Talent" does that happen".

The couple were brought to tears after making it through to the next round of the competition.

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