Indian minor raped by 17 men over weeks

Indian minor raped by 17 men over weeks

A 11 year old girl was allegedly raped by over a dozen men over a period of seven months at a Chennai apartment building, PTI reported.

On Saturday the girl told her sister, who was visiting from Delhi, prompting the family to file a complaint, the Times of India said.

The defedants were using strong drugs at the 12-year-old girl and then ransferred her to vacant apartment complexes and raped her, the police said. Times of India also reported that the little girl was injected with sedatives, given "drug-laced soft drinks", and forced to inhale some kind of powder before she was raped.

Police say a total of 24 men will be charged with rape.

According to deputy commissioner of police for Chennai's Kilpauk district, S. Rajendran, the men have been sexually assaulting the poor girl since mid-January up until this month (July). All those arrested were employees who worked for a security firm and a private firm supplying housekeeping staff. However, some among the lawyers and the police intervened and managed to escort the accused to safety. Three days later, Ravi brought two men who were drunk and smelling of alcohol, videotaped themselves raping her.

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They appeared in court in the Indian city of Chennai earlier today where there was a heavy police presence after some were beaten up by lawyers. The perpetrators allegedly used to the videos to threaten the girl into silence. No arrests have been made yet.

The accused men allegedly took the girl to various places in the complex, including the basement, terrace, gym and public restrooms.

The incident sent shockwave across the city as details emerged from police investigation, following a complained by the girl's father, an electronic shop owner in the locality.

The girl's statement was recorded in the Mahila Court on Monday.

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