Trump to formally invite Putin to U.S., startling national security director

Trump to formally invite Putin to U.S., startling national security director

Trump then told CNBC: "Getting along with President Putin getting along with Russian Federation is positive not a negative".

Russia's official assessment of Trump's high-stakes summit with Putin is carefully upbeat.

Instead, standing next to Putin Trump cast doubt on the agencies. It took the president several attempts to walk back his comments, amplifying the fallout from his joint appearance with Putin.

Trump has faced widespread domestic criticism in recent days following the summit in the Finnish capital Helsinki on Monday, most notably over an initial refusal to blame Russian Federation for meddling in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Putin doesn't blame Trump for that.

Putin told Russian diplomats Thursday that U.S.

He also appeared to blame the USA for current tensions with Russian Federation, rather than cast any blame on Moscow's activities, such as its annexation of Crimea or its ongoing support for the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told a congressional committee in February that he already had seen evidence Russian Federation was targeting U.S. elections in November, when Republican control of the House of Representatives and Senate are at stake, plus a host of positions in state governments.

Leaders of so-called rebel republics in Donetsk and Luhansk held referendums in May 2014 that declared independence. While they aren't necessarily expecting this to lead to war, they are determined to see it not lead to peace.

The US intelligence chief was not the only official left in in the dark after Trump's summit.

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Behind the scenes, however, some members of the political and business elite have a different assessment.

"I bet that soccer ball's been looked at very carefully", Coats said, laughing.

A number of senators have signed on to a bill offered by Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Democrat Chris Van Hollen of Maryland that would impose stiff sanctions on Russia's energy and banking sectors if the Director of National Intelligence-not Trump-certifies that Russian Federation interfered in any future election. "Many positive things will come out of that meeting". Lindsey Graham, a Republican from SC, said he was happy to hear that Sanders had clarified Trump's comment.

In a possible dig at Trump's unpredictable presidency, Putin on Thursday lauded Russia's "consistent, responsible, independent foreign policy". Putin has denied such interference.

The Russian leader praised Trump's mediation efforts in North Korea, but slammed his protectionist trade policies and the decision to pull out of the global accord curbing Iran's nuclear activities. There's no illusion about the challenges that Russian Federation presents to the US.

The Americans in question include former United States ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and alleged crimes include fraud and corruption.

Earlier Thursday, Trump said he looks forward to a second summit with Putin.

Over the course of my career as an undercover officer in the C.I.A., I saw Russian intelligence manipulate many people. But U.S. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has given no public indication since the summit of plans to work more closely with the Russian military in Syria.

At the same forum in Colorado, deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein released a 156-page report detailing a strategy to combat future attempts by foreign governments to influence U.S. elections, including by revealing them to the public.

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