‘Nigerians can see blood moon tomorrow from 6:44pm to 9:21pm’

‘Nigerians can see blood moon tomorrow from 6:44pm to 9:21pm’

The lunar eclipse will last 1 hour and 43 minutes long, close to the theoretical longest lunar eclipse possible and the longest of the 21st century.

In a rare treat, Mars will add to the wonder on Friday night as it appears directly below the blood moon at near maximum brightness.

"Our talks this year put a heavy accent on our environment to help make people aware that while looking up at the heavens it is still vital to ensure we preserve our planet", Prof.

Dr Gregory Brown, of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said: "We miss a section of the eclipse due to the moon being below our horizon when it starts".

The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century will be visible across India on Friday, providing hobbyists and professional stargazers with a rare opportunity to watch the moon being blanketed by the Earth's shadow for over six hours.

Although the idea of life on the moon is intriguing, we don't know if the factors noted in the study ever came together to enable life on the moon. Sunlight filtered through the earth's atmosphere hits the moon and turns it a deep red.

The moon is at its farthest distance away from Earth during this eclipse, so this will be a Blood Micro Moon, meaning it will appear smaller in the sky. Places with an unobstructed view of the moonrise include Letná Park and parts of Vyšehrad, though by the time the moon reaches full eclipse it should be visible from much of the city where tall buildings or hills are not in the way.

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You don't need any kind of special equipment in order to see the Blood Moon 2018 on July 27 as it will be visible from the naked eye. Also, the Eclipse can be seen, while in the rest of Africa, Europe, and other parts of Asia, Australia, Eastern part of South America.

It is thought the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when a large planet, which scientists have named Theia, crashed into Earth, creating a huge debris disc that eventually swirled together to form the satellite.

The partial eclipse will begin at 8.30pm, and the total eclipse will be between 9.20pm and 10.13pm.

To be clear, scientists don't actually have any evidence that the Moon had any form of life on it at any point in time, even in the tiniest microbial forms.

The moon takes about 27 days to orbit Earth and goes through regular phases in a 29.5-day cycle.

Dr Duncan Steel, of Otago's Centre for Space Science Technology, said this might be figured impossible, given an eclipse occurred when the sun, Earth and moon were all in a straight line. When it does, a sliver of the moon will initially be in shadow, but it will continue to move until the entire surface of the moon is covered in shadow - this is known as "totality". In London, moonrise is at 20.49, so the moon will already be in the shadow of Earth as darkness falls over the capital.

Earlier it was reported that NASA showed a colourful picture of the moon taken from the ISS an astronaut stationed there.

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