Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be launched earlier than expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be launched earlier than expected

The video ends with a message - "Battery can't keep up?" If that timeframe checks out, then that means Fortnite will be available for Galaxy Note 9 owners on August 24, and then for other Android devices on September 23 or so.

While the Galaxy Note 9 will have a "boring" design since it'll look just like the Note 8, the Pixel 3 XL will bring over a new design. The spec-sheet also includes 64GB storage, a pair of 13- and 8MP cameras for the back and front respectivle, and a huge 7,300 mAh battery. According to our source, the game will be announced for Android during Samsung's event, along with the exclusivity period. "A lot can change in a day" respectively. Whatever the case be, the Galaxy foldable phone may not be the first phone of its kind as Chinese manufacturer Huawei is now said to be planning to beat Samsung to the market. And despite rumors to the contrary, Clear Silicone Case and purple S Pen shots indicate that you will be able to get the purple Note 9 of your dreams.

The only problem is that now since it just features that single Type-C USB port, customers will need to be a bit creative when it comes to making a purchase. Although, with all indications pointing to an August 9 unveil date and an August 24 release date, firm color and availability information for the next Samsung Galaxy phone is expected to come through soon enough.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 will launch in five colors and weve seen them in various leaks, including the accompanying S Pens.

A few weeks ago, two other Korean sources had revealed the battery capacity of inside the phone. He plans to take TrueTech forward with the consistent support from you readers, friends and family! It could be happening, and it sounds like Samsung would pay a good sum to have Fortnite ready to go alongside its latest device.

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