CBS CEO Les Moonves faces sexual misconduct investigation

CBS CEO Les Moonves faces sexual misconduct investigation

New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow says six women who accuse Moonves of sexual misconduct had to overcome their fears of retaliation in order to tell their stories.

Leslie responded to the allegations, apologizing for ever making any women uncomfortable.

"In a millisecond, he's got one arm over me, pinning me", she said, describing his actions as "violently kissing". "But I always understood and respected - and abided by the principle - that "no" means 'no, ' and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone's career", Moonves said.

Among the claims in the story is an accusation by actress and writer Illeana Douglas, who described a meeting with Moonves in which he held her down on a couch and kissed her without her consent. "The physicality of it was horrendous".

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As chairman, Moonves oversees all operations of the company, which include the CBS Television Network, premium cable service Showtime and the Simon & Schuster publishing company. When she went to leave, Douglas told Farrow that Moonves momentarily blocked her path. Douglas's attorney negotiated for part of the payment and a contact to appear in a new miniseries. Fun fact: Julie started her career at the network as a CBS Page alongside Andy Cohen. The allegations also included "forcible touching or kissing during business meetings", along with physical intimidation and threats. They have one child together, 8-year-old Charlie Moonves. No one will hire you. I was just looking at this nice picture of his family and his kids. The company did not mention Moonves by name but said it issued the statement in response to the New Yorker article, which was published on the magazine's website late Friday. Moonves released her and, without looking at her, walked away. She never heard anything from Moonves again, and later her agents said they had been told she was "difficult to work with". "I was sort of in shock and I said, 'Well, Leslie, I don't think your wife would appreciate us having that kind of dinner.'" Moonves claims to have no recollection of the incident, CBS told Farrow.

In addition, Fager allegedly protected men, including individuals who reported to him, who were accused of misconduct.

CBS is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct within the company. Numerous women described the atmosphere at CBS News as a "frat house". Half of our producers and a majority of our associate producers are women. According to six former employees, Fager would touch women inappropriately at company parties.

CBS also read on-air the statement from the network saying they're looking into the allegations. "It wasn't even that he turned a blind eye toward it".

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