YouTube dark theme rolling out on Android

YouTube dark theme rolling out on Android

Google is rolling out the dark mode on YouTube for its Android users.

Back in May past year, YouTube rolled out Dark Mode (or Dark Theme, whatever you want to call it) for its desktop site. For desktops and laptops, switching on the dark theme is similar to that on Android. The mobile dark theme is just like its web version, it uses black and dark shades of gray for the app's background.

However, the Dark Mode on YouTube's Android app isn't available for all users right now. Users should start seeing a YouTube update today with the new option to switch to dark mode.

YouTube for Android finally rolled out a dark mode over the weekend, months after it came to iOS.

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As for Dark Theme, it's especially useful for those who prefer low-light settings. There below the 'Digital Well being's Remind me to take a broken feature lies the new Dark theme. But now most applications are coming with Night Modes which are activated as soon as the darkness falls. But what we are getting isn't bad either.

We've seen Apple include a dark mode into the latest macOS Mojave build that darkens all the elements on a screen to offer a predominantly darker experience.

The dark theme is automatically applied to your YouTube app and comes with a pop-up toggle that gives you the option to deactivate it.

YouTube has been making changes and adding updates to both its site and app since last August. Others have reported the feature in their YouTube app but it hasn't been rolled out to everyone.

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