Kim Kardashian Shows Off Insane Bikini Body In Latest Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Insane Bikini Body In Latest Instagram Post

Kendall told her, "You are so skinny... my purse is as tiny as you". The reality stars were attending a charity poker night in Los Angeles with mother Kris Jenner, where Kardashian-West, clad in a skin-tight bodysuit, PVC jeans and clear heels, took to Instagram story to film the trio's antics backstage. "It's like. you are a walking Facetune doll", she says, referring to a photo touchup app.

"We were all so excited, screaming, I was like, "Christmas will be so lit this year, you are going to buy everyone Rolls Royces".

"Kimberly I can literally see through you!"

"You know, I'm very grateful and I'm very hopeful that more good things are gonna come out of our conversations", Kardashian West replied.

People are not happy with Kim Kardashian West after she uploaded a series of clips to her Instagram story Sunday in which her sisters, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, tell her how skinny she looks.

Promoting voter ID, Trump says ID needed to buy groceries
Instead, he spent much of the rally highlight strong economic numbers and praising DeSantis as "a tough, brilliant cookie". Twitter users were quick to point out that the president's statement about purchasing groceries was not correct.

Kim then had to call the 63-year-old grandmother to discuss the vast victory, which she also did in the nude.

Kim prompted her sisters to keep commenting so she could record their comments on camera. Kardashian begs them to "tell me more", and Khloé - who has a size-inclusive fashion line - adds that she's "anorexic" in the waist, with "pin-thin" arms.

The backlash from social media users was swift and fierce. Unfortunately, their comments seemed to focus more on Kardashian's lack of food and less on the hard work that went into achieving her look, leaving many fans upset at the language the sisters used when discussing Kardashian's body. "I'm down to 119lbs but I will say that I am less when I take out my hair extensions so I don't have them in now".

'Listening to @KimKardashian, @KendallJenner and @khloekardashian use words like "anorexic" and "skinny" as a compliment makes me SO sad and disappointed, ' one person wrote. Kardashian said she immediately broke the news to Johnson and both cried over the phone.

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