Snapped! Alligator makes for a graduation photo with a difference

Snapped! Alligator makes for a graduation photo with a difference

The graduation photos of Makenzie Noland include a real live alligator.

Makenzie Noland celebrated her upcoming college graduation by posing in her cap and stole with her good friend "Big Tex" - a almost 14-foot-long alligator that lives in a wildlife sanctuary in Beaumont, Texas. She had been interning at Gator Country, where she met Big Tex, who at 13ft 8.5in (4.18 metres) is the largest alligator at the Beaumont-based rescue centre. During her internship, she developed a strong bond with this alligator named Tex, and to celebrate the occasion, she made a decision to take a few snaps with it who she dubbed as a "sweetheart", and 'best friend'.

'It took him a few weeks for him to like me.

She didn't elaborate what kind of "play" one engages in with a giant gator.

"I've been working with him to get to this point to be able to feed him by myself so it was intense", Noland wrote.

Gator Country Rescue is a 15-acre preserve that is well-known for being a safe haven for alligators and several other reptiles. One photo has her giving the camera a thumbs up.

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The aspiring zookeeper graduates next week and is already looking forward to the next opportunity to visit Big Tex.

In fact, Big Tex has actually always been a friendly gator, she said.

She posted the graduation pictures on Facebook and they went viral.

The alligator was caught at Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge in October 2016 because he had become "a little too friendly", according to a Facebook post from the refuge.

"I worked with this alligator every day, and I figured, 'Why not wear a dress this time and celebrate my graduation with this incredible animal?'" she told Fox 13.

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