New PS4 Pro Model Celebrates 500 Million PlayStations Sold

New PS4 Pro Model Celebrates 500 Million PlayStations Sold

Another special feature is that every console will have a commemorative copper plate on its front, etched with a limited edition serial number commemorating important events in PlayStation history.

The console and Dualshock are made with transparent blue casings and copper highlights, and there's a matching PlayStation camera, console stand, and earphones, all packed in a special box which is, naturally, transparent. Now, 24 years and four generations of hardware later, Sony is celebrating selling 500 million consoles. Some will have "extra special" serial numbers like 09995 (U.S. Launch Date of the original PlayStation: September 9th, 1995), 01115 (U.S. launch date of PS4: November 15, 2013) and 01013 (U.S. launch date of PS VR: October 13, 2016). To celebrate this huge milestone Sony is rolling out the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro as a "thank you" to fans all around the world. It will sell for $500 / £450.

The console will be available worldwide at retail starting August 24. It also sports a 2 TB hard drive for a substantial amount of storage space. You can check for details on which retailers will have units.

4K-TV Gaming - PS4 Pro outputs gameplay to your 4K TV.

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HDR Technology - With an HDR TV, compatible PS4 games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colors.

'PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition has been created to represent our appreciation to our loyal fans. Not only that it is also accompanied by DualShock 4 wireless controller and mono headset; both with matching translucent body.

The limited-edition DualShock 4 will also be available separately for $64.99. The North American PlayStation Blog says the controller and headset will appear in stores in early September 2018.

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