Google investigating issue with blurry fonts on new Chrome 69

Google investigating issue with blurry fonts on new Chrome 69

Google has also changed a number of features within its mobile version of the browser. In the latter two, you'll notice that Google moved the toolbar to the bottom of the screen, so your thumbs won't have to reach so far to tap navigational commands. There's a positive side tostoring these passwords in your Google account - after all, you will be available on Chrome on both desktop and mobile.

While the auto-answer feature worked well when I tested it out in Chrome Canary (giving me the Yankees score from last night, and completing mathematic equations), its use of already-opened tabs didn't work during as well.

The iOS update is available on the App Store and the Mac version directly from Google. It shows answers directly in the address bar without having to open a new tab, and also alerts you if your searched a website that is already open in a tab on your browser, and redirects you to it with "Switch to tab".

The password manager in Chrome is also getting smarter.

We've been testing the update ourselves and without doubt, the first thing that we noticed was the way Chrome now has decidedly different tabs to those we have been conditioned to expect for years.

If you're a Chromie like us, a lot of these features may appear familiar as we have been reporting on them in upcoming versions of Chrome OS. "And Chrome's search box (the "Omnibox") gives you more information directly as you type, saving you even more time".

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More importantly, Chrome will now offer automatically generated random passwords when you sign up for websites, which should prevent you from recycling passwords - in Google's words, "so you're not using your puppy's name for all of your passwords anymore". On the other hand, given its dominance, it may be hard to believe that it's only 10 years old. As well as that, you can now set your favorite sites on the "new tab" page, and set a background image of your choice.

You can now customise the new tab page so you're able to simply open a new tab and "Add shortcut".

The Chrome team has added a little easter egg to help you celebrate a decade of Chrome.

The blurred font issue wasn't only limited to text rendered inside a web page, but also for the text suggestions displayed inside the address bar search drop-down, and Chrome's Developer Tools panel. AR is going to play a large role in the future of computing, so, naturally, Chrome will be there, too, allowing you to see if that new couch you were browsing will fit with the rest of your living room decor. Of course, if you're using the same password for every internet account, it's not like you really need Chrome to remember it.

Head over to chrome://dino and start the game with your space bar.

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