Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Hearing: A Chaotic Start And A Revealing Moment

Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Hearing: A Chaotic Start And A Revealing Moment

Obviously, they do not have the votes to block this nominee but they're putting up one hell of a fight. Grassley, after being called out for conducting the hearing with "mob rule", repeatedly slammed the Democrats as being out of order. The Yale law school graduate has spent 12 years on the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., where he's authored hundreds of opinions.

Left-wing protesters heckled loudly throughout the hearings, held on Tuesday US time, and within an hour police had arrested over 20 demonstrators and ejected them from the committee room.

Brett Kavanaugh arrived this morning with his wife and two young daughters but was kept waiting to make his opening statement before the Senate judiciary committee by yells of protest from the public and attempts by Democratic members to postpone the hearing. A group of combative Democrats reportedly met in the office of Durbin to talk about future strategy concerning the Supreme Court nomination.

Younger Democrats, such as California Sen. But when a father who lost his teenage daughter in an unacceptably violent act asked for nothing more than a handshake and some acknowledgement of the human cost of the soaring American gun violence, Judge Kavanaugh couldn't be bothered.

Of particular concern to many - including protesters who came dressed as characters from the distopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale" - is the fact Kavanaugh's appointment could endanger Roe v Wade - the Supreme Court ruling giving women access to abortion. A Supreme Court that sticks to an originalist reading of the Constitution would deflect political and policy questions back to the political and policy branches, rather than carve out more jurisdiction for themselves in one direction or another.

"You had a chance and you lost", Graham said to Democrats.

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Trump also chimed in via Twitter, calling the hearings "a display of how mean, angry, and despicable the other side is". All in all, nothing about the opening to the Kavanaugh hearings was normal. Although he worked on the Starr report, he later wrote that a sitting president should not have to face the distraction of civil or criminal investigations - a position that worries Democrats in light of the ongoing Department of Justice probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible ties to the Trump campaign.

It was no less than Senator Grassley and Senator Cornyn who, during the Kagan nomination, said, no, we need to see the documents before the hearing.

Kavanaugh also is likely to be questioned about his views on investigating sitting presidents and the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and Trump's 2016 campaign. "It's that President who has decided you are his man".

Guttenberg tweeted about the moment, and Chelsea Clinton responded, saying "I am so very, very sorry Fred this happened". "And therefore, we are there to do our job", Sen.

"First, this hearing is not about the qualifications of the nominee", he said, pointing to Kavanaugh's record as a judge. It is not even certain all Democrats will stick together since endangered liberal senators up for re-election in red states are under intense pressure to back the confirmation. A rule change a year ago allows the Senate to confirm a Supreme Court nominee with a simple majority vote.

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