Trump, without evidence, accuses social media companies of election meddling

Trump, without evidence, accuses social media companies of election meddling

"We acknowledge the real-world negative consequences of what happened, and we take full responsibility to fix it".

Facebook, she said, is "investing heavily in people and technology to keep our community safe and keep our service secure", including doubling the number of people working on safety and security issues to 20,000.

Google offered to send its chief legal officer, Kent Walker, to Wednesday's hearing, but he was rejected by the committee, which said it wanted to hear from corporate decision-makers. And Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, ran the gauntlet of the House and Senate in April, following the revelations of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting operation.

Jones peddles fake news, and is behind the promotion of horrific and damaging stories, including his repeated claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, in which 20 young children and six school officials were murdered, was a "false flag" operation - a hoax - and child actors were used.

A spokesperson for Twitter declined to comment, but in past hearings Twitter officials have affirmed the gravity of the situation.

Senator Richard Burr, the committee's Republican chairman, said he expected the hearing would focus on solutions to the problem of foreign efforts to influence United States elections and sow political discord, with a jab at Google.

Amazon becomes second $1 trillion company in US
In the second quarter, AWS booked $6.1 billion in sales (up 49%), and generated an operating income of $1.64 billion (up 79%). On August 2 , Apple became the first United States company to reach a total market capitalization of $1 trillion.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook Inc., speaks during a news conference at Station F, a mega-campus for startups located inside a former freight railway depot, in Paris, Jan. 17, 2017. "We are learning from what happened, and we are improving".

In prepared testimony released ahead of a House hearing Wednesday afternoon, Dorsey says his company does not use political ideology to make decisions, and aims to make as many voices heard as possible.

The companies have made many policy changes, and have caught and banned malicious accounts over the past year. Twitter denies that is happening.

"You don't understand the problem if you don't see this as a large effort from whole of government and the private sector", Burr told reporters at the Senate.

Rosenberger, who testified before the same committee on foreign influence on social media last month, said she has "every expectation that [the hearing] will be serious from the lawmakers' side". Now, executives from some of those giants will tell lawmakers the steps they have taken since to prevent similar attacks.

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