Bracing for Hurricane Florence | Don't Miss This

Bracing for Hurricane Florence | Don't Miss This

Forecasters said catastrophic freshwater flooding is expected well inland over the next few days as Florence crawls across the Carolinas.

About 1.7 million residents across the states' coastlines are under mandatory evacuation orders, and tens of thousands of hospital patients and prison inmates have been moved out of Florence's path. More than 1.7 million people in the Carolinas and Virginia were warned to clear out.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Carolinas and Virginia have been forced to evacuate as Hurricane Florence battered the eastern coast of the United States, including more than 3,000 prisoners who have been relocated from jails in the path of Florence. As the recovery from past storms continues in many rural towns, the next storm is about to strike.

The NHC measured wave heights of up to 83 feet - the equivalent of a seven-story building - as Florence churned in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday.

And Hurricane Florence, though far from the fastest-windspeed storm in recent memory, remains a significant threat precisely due to the large surge and huge rainfall it's dumping on affected areas.

Florence was seen as a major test for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was heavily criticized as slow and unprepared past year for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where the storm was blamed for almost 3,000 deaths in the desperate aftermath.

Jen Kottyan, the avian collection and conservation manager for the zoo, said the ways the zoo is preparing are very similar to how people might brace for a storm at home: filling tubs with water for drinking and cleaning, making sure facilities are equipped with flashlights and batteries, and clearing drains to guard against flooding. "People think we're taking animals that have been stranded from the storm".

Forecasters' European climate model is predicting 2 trillion to 11 trillion gallons of rain will fall on North Carolina over the next week, according to meteorologist Ryan Maue of

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Bertha Bradley said she has never favored evacuating ahead of hurricanes.

The simulation even includes a auto floating behind her as Navarro warns that rising water levels "could even float some cars". Restoring power to all customers could take weeks, it said.

"I have no generator", said Petra Langston, a nurse.

With a storm surge warning in effect, the authorities urge people to prepare themselves for the disaster. Spending, meanwhile, fell more than 30 percent, or around $500 that week, and more than 65 percent on the day of landfall as businesses closed up shop and residents took shelter from the storm. Hurricane-force winds extended 80 miles (130 kilometres) from its centre, and tropical-storm-force winds up to 195 miles (315 kilometres).

"Right now we have extreme flooding and storm surge".

As of 5 p.m., Florence was centred about 100 miles (160 kilometres) southeast of Wilmington, its forward movement slowed to 5 mph (7 kph).

The East Coast isn't the only area facing the brunt of a storm. "I've got four cats inside the house". "We were able to evacuate quite a few; some did not go", he said.

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