IPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S9: How the features compare

IPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S9: How the features compare

According to reports, that Samsung is going to launch a four-camera Galaxy Smartphone on its October 11 event. Some sources also suggest that four-camera in the Smartphone here means the camera may give up to 4X optical zoom. If the scenario with two cameras in front isn't completely new to us, the trio in the back seems like something pretty interesting. ET News, which has proven reliable with this sort of news, reported that the South Korean company will incorporate a total of five cameras within the Galaxy S10. This smartphone is said to boast a total of four cameras at the back.

As Samsung gets ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Galaxy S-series expectedly by launching the Galaxy S10 in 2019, rumours surrounding the upcoming smartphone are pouring in from all corners. The special Galaxy event will be streamed live on October 11. The opposite units are anticipated to find single-lens selfie cams and double- and triple-lens cameras on the again. The invite has now confirmed that the manufacturer in question was Samsung. The invite did not include a specific time aside from the 11th, but we'll be sure to provide all the latest updates as soon as Samsung shares more details about the timing and content of the "4x fun" event.

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It's the biggest Android phone that's turning heads in 2018, with a sizeable 6.4-inch AMOLED panel, a massive 4000mAh battery and up to 512GB internal storage with 8GB of RAM. The ET Times says that Samsung is having a hard time securing enough sensor components for the new phone line, so they are looking to diversify providers to be able to meet demand. The most important thing is that the phone is priced the same (Rs 67,900) as its predecessor i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, when it was launched.

Of course, all of this is speculation at this point and we recommend you to take everything lightly.

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