The Apple Watch is getting closer to becoming a medical device

The Apple Watch is getting closer to becoming a medical device

Apple's iPhone is traditionally the focus of its annual September special events and the company announced three new models on Wednesday: The iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. It is a 6.1-inch LCD with 1,792 by 828 pixels. Particularly, the Hermes Watches are now all above £1,000 in price. On top of that the Apple Watch 4 will be slightly thinner, making it more comfortable to use for athletic purposes. It is paired with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage for Bluetooth+Wi-Fi models, while the LTE models double the RAM and keeps the same amount of internal storage.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, there's a lot of improvements that users want Apple to implement in the newer generation of this device.

Since the Apple Watch launched in April 2015, most people haven't figured out why they need to buy one.

The material available for the watch is aluminum or stainless still. An extended battery life of six hours whilst using Global Positioning System should please those who enjoy exercising outdoors and pace alerts for runners should enable them to see just how they're performing. In either instance, it's still far less than what Samsung can achieve with the Galaxy Watch. It may get the real-time watch along with the heart rate monitoring, weather as well as fitness stats. The new accelerometer has "fall detection", so it can tell if you have taken an accidental spill (be it by slipping on a banana peel or tripping over a curb). It will automatically detect and initiate an emergency call.

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Just after midnight Friday, Apple started taking preorders for two of its new iPhones and Series 4 smartwatch and, according to some users, models for delivery by launch day on September 21 are already sold out.

The phone also has a function that detects if the wearer has fallen down and hasn't moved for a while, and can call for help. Apple says this FDA-cleared feature, a first of its kind offered over the counter, will become available to owners of the Series 4 watches in the an update later this year. Heart rhythms naturally vary, meaning that it's likely that Apple Watch or any heart monitor could signal a problem when there isn't one - and send someone running to the doctor for no reason.

The Galaxy Watch is a little more reasonably priced starting at £279/329 up to £299/$349. The Watch will retail at $399 for the basic model and $499 for the cellular LTE model. Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone XR beginning October 19 with availability beginning October 26 in more than 50 countries and territories including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, New Zealand and US. Apple has clearance from FDA to deliver that reading to consumers right away. - Christina Farr (@chrissyfarr) September 12, 2018 So there you go. However, for iPhone users that would prefer a round display, the Galaxy Watch is a workable solution with Samsung's iOS companion app.

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