Amazon's Alexa Goes Down Across The UK and Europe

Amazon's Alexa Goes Down Across The UK and Europe

Aiva provides provide patients and seniors with smart speakers including Google Home and Amazon Echo to stay in closer contact with their care providers, while also offering them entertainment and education.

Alexa is front and centre when it comes to the Echo range, as Amazon's digital assistant is the primary way to interact with the devices.

That's all it takes to get WRAL News on Google Home.

As of now, Amazon India has made the new Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot and the Echo Sub available for pre-order. This can be extended further by pairing another Echo Plus (2nd Gen) to create a stereo setup, and then there's the option to also add the new Echo Sub into the mix for much better bass.

It seems that Amazon's infamous super bowl ad has become somewhat of a reality for those in the United Kingdom and Europe, as the company's Alexa smart assistant went down today.

Named cost of the iPhone XS Max
This would be around $50 more than last year's iPhone X components, though the new handset retails for $250 more. Samsung recently released the Note 9 , a small update over the Note 8, for $999 to compete with the iPhone X .

At the base of either unit you'll find a couple of ports, one for charging and a 3.5mm jack that allows additional speakers to be attached.

To enable WRAL news headlines as part of Echo's Flash Briefing, open Settings from the left sidebar in the Alexa app, tap Flash Briefing, tap Get more Flash Briefing content and search for WRAL.

Alexa is built into the Amazon Echo, Amazon Show, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire TV (second generation), Fire HD 8 tablet and Triby, a portable smart speaker and message board.

Aiva uses Google Home, Amazon Echo and other smart speakers to engage patients and the elderly and connect them with their caregivers. Using the 3.5mm audio port or Bluetooth, you can enable nearly any speaker lying in your house to be voice-enabled and get the AI prowess of Alexa.

Amazon Music Unlimited was first launched in the late 2016 before it came to the United Kingdom a month later.

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