Retailer Accidentally Confirms New Chromecast by Selling it Too Early

Retailer Accidentally Confirms New Chromecast by Selling it Too Early

Google is hosting a big press event on october 9, where it's expected to unveil the new Pixel 3 phones, the new Chromecast and other devices.

Redditor GroveStreetHomie posted an image of the dongle in a thread that explained how he found the device at a local Best Buy store. Though we do not expect the new Chromecast to go up in price, the accidental sale is not necessarily indicative of what the final street price might be for the new version. Dubbed as Chromecast third-generation, the device made an early appearance on the American e-commerce site Best Buy. "I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues from the Chromecast Ultra". GroveStreetHomie claims that Best Buy's system correctly flagged the product with a street date of October 9, but the cashier rang the product up as a second gen Chromecast and allowed the customer to walk out the door with it.

It still has a micro USB plug.

When the OP got home and tried to install it, he noticed there's something fundamentally different compared to the second generation.

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Reddit user GroveStreetHomie took to the social discussion website this weekend to post an unboxed shot of what seems like a Google Chromecast dongle with a different design compared to the now available second-gen model. The Chrome logo on the top has been replaced with a subtle G icon, matching the Pixel lineup. When it's plugged in, the device won't initialize because it needs the Google Home app updated to the latest software version - a software version that hasn't yet been released. Inside the box was a device that look different from the current Chromecast.

Little information on the Chromecast 3 has been exposed based on an FCC listing, which showed it coming with a 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth support.

Most of the products that Google has to show during their October even have already been exposed, so it will be interesting to see how the company makes their show more interesting to viewers.

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