Nintendo Files Patent for a Game Boy Style Smartphone Case

Nintendo Files Patent for a Game Boy Style Smartphone Case

It was first filed in March of this year, which might make this the fastest patent ever from application to publication.

According to the patent, which was unearthed by technology blog Siliconera, the physical buttons on the front of the case are created to interact with a touchscreen when the case is clasped over a smartphone. The shell has a button layout identical to the classic Game Boy. Imagine this case, a connection to all original GameBoy games, complete with a touchscreen besides. On the back side of the panel are the pieces that make contact with the screen of the electronic device, if you have opened some control of video games or even TV, you will know what we are talking about. To support different phones, a variety of cases must be released or else players won't be able to play for a long time if they upgrade their phones.

Not completely, of course: you won't have to stock up on AA batteries or hunt down your cartridges, and you won't lose the ability to tweet or email (unless you get hooked on Tetris). The camera and speakerphone are also unobstructed. Or has Nintendo found a size that works for every phone now available?

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The prospect of an official Game Boy app with access to the classic catalogue of titles is deeply excited, and something that could generate a bucketload of cash for Nintendo - especially if the games are sold as in-app purchases.

All of this points to Game Boy content coming to smart phones and tablets, since Nintendo specified that it doesn't have to just be a phone, and you can see the images that came with the patent down below. "Pokemon Go" was a global phenomenon when it launched in July 2016 and "Fire Emblem Heroes" has grossed more than $400 million worldwide since its launch in February 2017.

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