Limo in deadly NY crash recently failed inspection, governor says

Limo in deadly NY crash recently failed inspection, governor says

The McGowans were a part of a party of 17 young adults who climbed into the limo to celebrate their friend Amy Steenburg's 30th birthday, the paper and other media reported.

He declined to discuss the limo's origin and destination. Over the same period, 171,508 people were killed in 157,451 crashes involving all types of vehicles.

Ford qualified certain limo builders to build a stretch version of Ford Excursion with seating for up to 12-14 people maximum.

Erin and Shane McGowan had been married for just five months, the Times Union of Rochester, New York reported.

Her sisters, Abigail Jackson, and Mary Dyson, along with husbands Adam Jackson and Rob Dyson were also in the limo when it crashed.

Amy and Alex were married in June. According to their wedding page on The Knot, they had meet in the summer of 2015 at a local bar and were soon "spending every moment of their free time together".

"They're going to dig deeply into the background of the driver".

"You just can't wrap your head around it, you just can't", said Barbara Douglas, an aunt to four of those who died. Officials worked with the state to outlaw heavy trucks, she said, but there are still wrecks.

All of Ms. Steenburg's sisters, and Mr. Steenburg's brother, Rich, also died in the accident. She and her husband, Adam, pictured below, leave behind two young daughters, Archer, 4, and Elle, 16 months.

Mary was another of Amy's sisters.

Erin McGowan, 34, who died along with her newlywed husband Shane, 30, had sent a text message to her cousin questioning the car's condition roughly 20 minutes before the fatal crash, her aunt said. Four women were killed in that accident due to a side impact of the passenger compartment of the stretch limo - the weakest part of the vehicle.

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Customers in the parking lot were killed when they were hit by the limo coming down a hill on state Route 30 at "probably over 60 miles per hour", the store manager, Jessica Kirby, told The New York Times. It's unclear how many victims were riding in the limo or outside the store. "It's hard and so tragic", Vertucci said.

She says "our lives have been changed forever". "She wanted to help them better their lives", he said. "They had big plans". She said her heart is broken for all the families touched by the tragedy.

Rocco Semprivivo, Erin McGowan's stepfather, described his stepdaughter to The Times as "a pretty outgoing, gregarious girl".

Romantic partners Amanda Halse and Patrick Cushing are being mourned by the siblings they left behind.

Justin Cushing said his brother was passionate and goodhearted.

Fiore said: "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families following this horrific tragedy". They are also looking into the driver's record and qualifications and conducting an autopsy to see if drugs or alcohol were factors. "He will be greatly missed by his Senate family". Karina Halse called her the peacekeeper in the family.

It's the deadliest transportation accident since February 2009, when Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed near Buffalo, New York, killing 50 people, Sumwalt said. "She was creative from the day that she was born".

"She was the sweetest", her coworker Deneen Palmateer told the local news organization.

"She will be remembered fondly through her loving spirit, wonderful smile, thoughtful nature, and her genuine commitment to her colleagues and individuals that we serve", Erlich wrote in a statement to employees that was released to The Gazette. "You felt a certain friendliness from her". They declined to provide any details about what might have caused the crash.

According to Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York State, the stretch limo had failed a recent inspection and the driver did not even have the appropriate licence.

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