Ousted Guardians of the Galaxy director switches camps, tied to new DC Comics film

Gunn is also in consideration to direct the sequel to the 2016 movie about super villains forced to work for the US government, according to the report.

Additionally, Gizmodo reported it had confirmed with Warner Bros. that Gunn is in talks to write, with "an eye to direct" the yet-to-be-named Suicide Squad 2.

The first Suicide Squad movie didn't manage to capture any of the weirdness or whimsy that seemed so effortless in Guardians Of The Galaxy, either. Gunn had long since apologized for the jokes, and, as such, his firing set off widespread debate over whether it was merited, with members of Guardians' cast going to bat for him (especially Dave Bautista).

Taking to Twitter, he shared an article announcing Gunn's new role and wrote: "Where do I sign up!". This comes after Gunn was sacked from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after alt-right figures unearthed inappropriate and offensive old tweets from Gunn, who is reported to write and possibly direct this DC movie.

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Warner Bros had director Gavin O'Connor attached to that film, but he is now engaged in directing Ben Affleck in the Brad Ingelsby-scripted drama Torrance, which is also at the studio.

However, yesterday the news broke that Gunn is now in talks with DC to tackle the sequel to Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad, like Guardians, was a superhero team-up movie with an ensemble cast of less-than-heroic characters. The first film, written and directed by David Ayer, earned $747 million in 2016 but drew withering reviews. The Guardians and Suicide Squad share a number of similarities, after all, and Gunn will once again dig into what he knows and does best: off-beat, high-concept films.

That said, Gunn probably won't run into the same problem that O'Connor did when writing his script for Suicide Squad 2. The Drax the Destroyer actor tweeted shortly after Deadline covered the news, "Where do I sign up!".

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