Canadian Pipeline Explosion Disrupts NW Natural Gas Supplies

Canadian Pipeline Explosion Disrupts NW Natural Gas Supplies

Enbridge says the explosion happened after one of its natural gas pipelines suffered a rupture around 5:45 p.m.

Yes, you read that correctly.

British Columbians are being asked to avoid any "non-essential" use of natural gas after one of Enbridge's pipelines exploded and caught fire northeast of Prince George on Tuesday.

He said those refineries use natural gas to power facilities that produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, leading to the cost increase.

Gas prices across the Pacific Northwest are expected to spike after a massive pipeline explosion in Canada.

Stout urged another 300,000 customers in the Okanagan and southeastern B.C., to conserve even though their natural gas comes from Alberta. But with oil refineries potentially laboring to produce gasoline at their usual rate, gas prices in the same region are likely to skyrocket.

Analyst Martin King of GMP FirstEnergy says prices at the main B.C. trading hub located north of the broken pipe have crashed to about $1 per thousand cubic feet from around $2.60 before the incident.

FortisBC is receiving a reduced gas flow - approximately 40 per cent of its normal capacity - while Enbridge makes repairs to its system.

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"We also have an interconnection to the south with neighbouring utilities and they really leaned in to help us out", said Swanson.

"About 70 per cent of customers could be impacted here", said Douglas Stout, vice-president of external relations with FortisBC.

The University of Victoria said Fortis B.C. has requested that it restrict its use of natural gas.

No one was injured but roughly 100 people fled their homes, including Chief Dominic Frederick.

"At this time we can not speculate about how long it will take to resolve the situation", Enbridge spokesman Michael Barnes said in an emailed statement.

He said they have asked kitchens, which often leave gas running, to shut it down when it's not needed, watch overheating and ensuring water temperature isn't too high.

No injuries were reported, and investigators are on scene, though the cause of the rupture remains unknown.

Yes. Stout said Fortis' industrial customers in B.C. are now under restrictions.

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