IOS 12 is now on 50% of devices, Apple reveals

IOS 12 is now on 50% of devices, Apple reveals

Apple has been spending money left and right to pick up a slew of original programming in an effort to become another contender in the streaming service industry.

Anonymous sources familiar with the project told CNBC that Apple's new original content will be available through the TV app pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV, along with subscription-only services from third parties such as HBO and Starz.

CNBC has the news about Apple original shows being offered for free to Apple users.

Apple wants to keep its streaming service open to a wide audience, and plans to do so by curating shows that the entire family can watch together.

Customers will be able to be view all of the content from within the TV app rather than download the individual apps as is now the case. For those of you who already have Apple devices, it looks like it'll be really seamless for you to access their content.

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Apple's move to give away its original content may seem like not the smartest thing to do, but in actuality it's just doing what Apple has always done: provide great ancillary products-such as free video, photo, and music editing apps, free operating system updates, and even free office productivity tools, that are just another reason to buy Apple hardware.

The service's Apple-produced content will be free to Apple device owners, while the subscription "channels" (such as HBO in the US) that sit next to it in Apple's TV app will allow users to subscribe to them.

While Apple may be doing everything it can to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, CEO Tim Cook is reportedly only keen funding PG-rated shows and films for the in-development service.

Thanks to CNBC, we now have our first details as to how we'll be able to access the Apple goodness.

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