Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to spoof Trump’s Kanye West meeting

Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to spoof Trump’s Kanye West meeting

After Kanye West " s meeting with Donald Trump, it was only a matter of time before the writers of Saturday Night Live threw out whatever script they had planned in order to spoof the sitdown seen "round the world.

"Thank you all for joining us today for this important discussion".

The writers at SNL must have agreed with those who hated the meeting because they picked it apart in their cold open, with Trump-impersonator Alec Baldwin calling it a "publicity stunt". "This is a serious, private conversation between three friends and 50 reporters with cameras", Baldwin as Trump said in the sketch.

Kanye tells him: "Don't stop the music unless I say stop the music. turn that music back on, OK?" "Oh my Lord! What have I gotten myself into?" he says in an internal monologue.

Kanye West is back on Twitter, choosing to reactivate his account with a series of freakish videos, including a 10-minute rant on mind control. West, played by Chris Redd, as he rants about alternate universes, different dimensions, the Unabomber and Wonder Woman. Brown wonders if Kanye might be "tri-polar" while Trump comes to the realisation that Kanye is "black me". Right off the bat, we get treated to Baldwin's usual Trump talk. I felt this energy when I was in Chicago.

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Redd's West concluded by giving a summary of his, uh, random ramblings.

Mr. Trump came under fire by media figures for hosting Mr.

"So, I'm you, I'm us, it's us. We have a lot more in common than people know", Trump said, arm in arm with his new BFF.

Che chimed in to reveal that he is allowed to say the "N-word" on SNL four times this season by contract and made a decision to use 25% of his allotment to ask, "How much money does this [redacted] owe in taxes?!" "That whole time I was telling you that story, you thought it was based on him interrupting Taylor Swift". I didn't think so.

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