Almost half of Edmontonians won’t get flu shot

Almost half of Edmontonians won’t get flu shot

The report did not say where the child died but did say the child was otherwise healthy.

Taiwan normally starts its annual free vaccination program on October 1 in preparation for the flu season, which usually begins in November and peaks around February the following year before slowing down in March.

A new survey suggests that many children may not be getting the potentially life-saving flu shot due to their parents' misconceptions about the safety and importance of vaccines.

A new survey on parents' attitude toward the flu vaccine may shed light on why some continue to resist the flu shot, even though it could put their children in danger.

Hillsborough County suffered the states only two flu or flu-like outbreaks during the first week of the season, the report said. Around 80% of the children who died had not received the vaccine. "Because information can come from so many places, from friends and family to the internet, it's important to talk to a doctor you trust to get credible information that is based in science and facts".

30 percent of parents feel flu vaccines are a conspiracy.

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They say getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent from getting sick, and passing it along to others.

28 percent said flu caused autism.

Despite the delay, the Health Department said the spray will arrive in enough time to protect people from the flu.

Vaccines are recommended for anyone at least six months old.

The report noted that the child who died was unvaccinated, but the department did not specify where the death occurred.

Starting Monday, the vaccine can be obtained at hospitals and other medical institutions, public health departments and community immunization clinics across the country, CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) said.

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