NOAA releases the 2018-2019 Winter Outlook

NOAA releases the 2018-2019 Winter Outlook

NOAA's Winter Outlook indicates our region is looking at a 33% to 50% chance for warmer-than-normal conditions. States from the Pacific Northwest through the Northern Plains and into the Northeast are likely to have above-average temperatures, the NOAA reported.

Center Deputy Director Mike Halpert said in a statement a "weak El Nino" could bring "warmer, drier conditions to parts of the North".

The northwestern United States, including parts of Northern California near the OR border, is likely to see the highest chances of warmer temperatures.

El Nino is a fluctuation of temperature of surface layer water in the Equatorial Pacific ocean has a significant influence on climate.

It also said that wetter-than-average conditions are likely across the southern part of the USA, and up into the Mid-Atlantic.

The Southeast, Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic can go any way on temperature, Halpert said.

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NOAA says much of the northern and western US will have warmer-than-normal conditions with the southeast having equal chances for temps that run either below-normal, near-normal or above-normal. The map below shows the mean temperatures for winter 2014.

-Wetter-than-average conditions are favored across the southern tier of the US, and up into the Mid-Atlantic. Northern Florida and southern Georgia have the greatest odds for above-average precipitation this winter. Portions of the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains are also likely to experience drier-than-average conditions.

Wetter conditions are in store for much of the southern US, up into the mid-Atlantic while drier conditions are likely for the northern Rockies, Northern Plains, northern Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

Little precipitation is expected in southern California, Arizona, new Mexico, in the southern areas of Utah and Colorado.

Much of the state has at least a 33 percent chance of a warmer than normal season, with areas nearer the northwest corner of Kansas having at least a 40 percent chance of a warmer season, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center said in a news release. "Even during a warmer-than-average winter, periods of cold temperatures and snowfall are still likely to occur", the agency stated. NOAA's Climate Prediction Center issues the three-month outlook every month- so we can expect our next update on November 15th.

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