Over 65s may have to wait for flu vaccine

Over 65s may have to wait for flu vaccine

It is best to get vaccinated before the influenza virus starts circulating in your community.

In New Zealand, 400 people die each year from influenza or complications relating to it.

Now is the time to get a flu vaccine, which is considered preventive and in most cases is covered through employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare and Medicaid health plans.

ESR virologist Sue Huang is at the forefront of a Kiwi-led study that could be instrumental in developing a universal five year flu vaccine.

"We really want people to understand that you can't get the flu from the flu shot", Jean Moorjani, a pediatrician at Orlando Health, told Health. "However, vaccination should continue throughout the flu season, even in January or after flu season". HCA will be offering free seasonal influenza vaccinations for people six months of age and older.

Nationwide, more than 50 percent of Americans adults don't get this shot every year. They may feel confident in their own good health and their body's ability to ward off illness. Some common misconceptions about the influenza vaccination is that it doesn't work or that the vaccine itself causes sickness. Even healthy people can be infected and spread the flu virus without showing symptoms. Do you care for an elderly relative or a chronically sick friend? Your professional life is focused on taking care of the health and well-being of patients.

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Rumour has it, the area is facing a shortage in flu vaccines, but according to the health unit, that's just not true.

For those at high risk for complications, getting the flu vaccine is especially important.

Among the reasons people do not get the shot, a belief is if you do, you will get the flu. This is unequivocally false.

Only about one in three upstate NY adults get their flu shot according to BlueCross BlueShield.

But it takes two weeks for your body to build up flu-fighting antibodies after you get the shot, so you may get sick during that time period. "I would urge people to have the vaccine, not only for themselves, but also for people around them, some of whom could be put at serious risk if they catch flu". Scientists found no loss in the amount of infectious virus at any humidity, which means that expelled aerosols containing flu viruses are stable in the air for at least one hour. We have several different ways to prevent contracting the flu while in college.

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