Louis area rated "fair" viewing zone for Orionid meteor shower this weekend

Louis area rated

This year's shower will peak during the evening of October 21.

There's good news and bad news about this year's Orionid meteor shower, which should throw off some beauties before dawn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, before it reaches its peak early Monday.

During its peak, people will be able to see up to 20 meteors per hour from the Comet Halley.

While mostly clear and dry conditions are expected in the Delaware Valley Sunday night and Monday, viewing unfortunately for eager stargazers won't be ideal due to the brightness of the almost full moon. We will have mostly clear skies Monday morning.

The Orionids are remnants of Haley's Comet, one of the most famous comets, which last flew Earth in 1986.

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At its peak, you will see up to 25 shooting stars per hour - although this is dependent on ideal conditions. It takes the comet 76 years to orbit the sun, so it will enter Earth's atmosphere in 2061.

View from an area with low light pollution.

Stargazers trying to view the Orionids while the moon is above the horizon should try to focus on an area of the sky away from the moon.

The meteors radiate from constellation Orion.

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