Google makes it easier to wipe your search history

Google makes it easier to wipe your search history

Google has just announced a new option that enables you to view and delete your Google search history, making it possible to take control of some of the data stored on the company's servers.

Utilizing the powers of Google Search come at the cost of sharing data.

When you use, you generate data about your activity, including the terms you search for, links you interact with, and other data points like your location when you search.

The move to make privacy settings more prominent comes at a time when Google is under an intensifying spotlight over privacy issues.

From there, a page shows users' immediate search activity, explains how Google's search function works, and lets users delete search activity data from the last hour or throughout their entire Google history. Google said "Lens in Images is now live on the mobile web for people in the US searching in English, and will soon be rolled out to other countries, languages and Google Images locations". This huge software developer also promises "next year, we'll expand this to Maps, followed by many other Google products". This option is not completely new, but following today's announcement, it is no longer necessary to dig deep into settings to access it - it is being pushed more front and center rather than being hidden on your Google Account page. In India too, global tech giants are being put under scrutiny over measures they are taking to enhance user privacy.

Image Google
Image Google

On a smartphone, tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the Google search results page.

How do I see Google Lens in image search?

Scroll down to Your recent activity. One of its biggest sources of that data is Google Search, which serves as the company's marquee product.

Starting today, Google Search users will be able to control their data used by Search on desktop and mobile. It'll then bring up a form where you can set a date range through which your activity will be deleted, as well as the Google products that this will apply to.

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