Facebook's Messenger makeover focuses on simplicity

Facebook's Messenger makeover focuses on simplicity

Following in the footsteps of Spotify, which recently slimmed down its Premium app, Facebook Messenger has begun rolling out a more streamlined version of its mobile app for both iOS and Android.

As a part of the design changes, Facebook is reducing the number of tabs in Messenger 4 from nine to three. On the other hand, the new "Discover" tab will show you businesses to get deals, play games, follow news stories, and a lot more.

Messenger users can now use colour gradients to customise their chat bubbles within conversations, and these can be changed at any time.

Facebook has also planned to release a Dark mode in the Messenger app to reduce the glare, which will be easily available in the future updates. All the features are kept same as it was earlier but in a simpler form, this will roll out globally over the coming weeks.

Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger's head of product, said the app had become too complicated and needed to be slimmed down in order to prevent important features being buried. Like the core Facebook app, Messenger has been pretty overloaded in recent years.

Facebook has positioned Messenger as a tool for businesses to efficiently handle customer questions or concerns. The right tab on the bottom of the display is referred to, by the company, as the "Discover tab".

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The company's also giving users the ability to further customize their chat interface. There is also a tab labelled Discover where they've stuffed numerous features people either didn't use or found cumbersome.

The new Messenger also includes more personalisation options including a new option for chat customisation called Colour Gradients.

Social network Facebook announced on Tuesday that it is launching a new, fourth version of its app for instant messaging Messenger.

The revamped Facebook Messenger will now have three tabs instead of nine. 71% of people stated that the first thing they look for in a messaging app which they would use regularly is the simplicity of the app.

"You can see the colors change from red to blue, for example, as you scroll up and down a conversation", Chudnovsky explained.

"We try to be very careful to not do anything bad for user experience", Chudnovsky said of the company's process of slowly introducing more advertisements.

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