'Gold digging’ dog pretends to be stray for McDonald’s burgers

'Gold digging’ dog pretends to be stray for McDonald’s burgers

Reyes argues that Princess "doesn't know how to act" since she's been taking unapproved night time strolls to the fast food restaurant. "She's just a gold diggin ass bitch that be acting like she's a stray so people will feel bad for her & feed her burgers".

Reyes shared photographic evidence of her sneaky dog sitting in the local McDonald's parking lot at night.

Princess, a cute pooch from Oklahoma City, routinely escapes from her home and walks to a nearby McDonald's, where she puts on a sad face to extort burgers and fries. Moreover, she also saw a woman reaching out of her vehicle to probably throw some food at the dog. "Can't be mad at her hustle", one person commented.

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The dog owner's post went viral and Princess the hamburglar shot to internet fame. When Reyes pulled over her vehicle, Princess immediately recognised her and started wagging her tail, stated the report. Tens of thousands of commenters find the dog to be everything from adorable to relatable.

Reyes says the shameless habit is nothing new, as Princess leaves the house "all the time to go walking to McDonald's at night".

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