Trump's 'Space Force' to be built in stages by 2020

Trump's 'Space Force' to be built in stages by 2020

Pointing to past studies that have called for reform of United States space capabilities, Pence said it is time to "stop studying the problem and start fixing it".

The National Space Council has also voted to send six strategic recommendations to the president's desk, laying out the administration's vision and a roadmap to establish the force.

According to him, trump will soon ask the Congress to unite in one team of military and civilian experts in charge of security in space.

This summer, Trump directed the Defense Department to begin the process of establishing a space-focused military service that would be a counterpart to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

On Tuesday, Pence described the proposed Space Force as the "next and natural evolution of our armed forces", arguing that US adversaries such as China and Russian Federation are developing new technologies, such as hypersonic missiles, that make space a place where wars can be fought.

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"The goal of the space force will be to secure our vital national interests in space", Pence said at an event hosted by The Washington Post. Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday didn't immediately rule out positioning nuclear weapons in space sometime in the future. "And the reality is, the more we look at our competitors in space - chiefly among them are China and Russian Federation - we see the deployment of technologies by both of those countries - anti-satellite technologies", Pence said. The Vice President reported that now to ensure space security, the United States employs about 60 thousand people.

With the help of the Congress, the United States Space Force will be created as the sixth branch of the armed forces.

The head of the U.S. Air Force said last month that creating a space force would cost about $13 billion for a force of 13,000 people in the first five years.

Critics, including some Democratic lawmakers, have said its creation is an unnecessary and expensive bureaucratic endeavor that would simply shift work already being done well by other services like the Air Force.

Ultimately, Congress will have to approve adding the Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military.

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