Google News bug on Android using huge amount of background data

Google News bug on Android using huge amount of background data

That's according to a new study of a little less than 1 million apps on the United States and UK Google Play stores that was conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford.

Due to costly data and poor internet connections, many users, especially from emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil etc. sometimes have trouble downloading apps directly from Google Play.

The Pixel Tips app drives a shortcut that appears when first setting up the device, which takes you through a few quick walkthroughs on how things work on your new phone.

Qwant, a small French search company that has been critical of Google, said in a statement on Friday that it was "satisfied that the European Commission's action pushed Google to finally give manufacturers the possibility to offer such choices to consumers". Which is kind of ironic given the current issue with Google News.

Through these chains, much of this data ended up at major technology companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon.

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Xender, a popular P2P sharing app, Files Go, a rising file sharing app owned by Google, are two soon-to-be added partners to help make offline file sharing work on the Play Store.

Couple this with another report from Bloomberg Businessweek, which found a prevalence of companies that can track you after you've uninstalled apps and hit you with messages encouraging you to re-download them. For example, the user that had 28GB of data used by Google News, is going to be seeing a $45 overage from their wireless carrier.

@Google @GooglePlay just got a warning from carrier network. And this is because it isn't just happening on WiFi, but also on mobile data. App developers are seeing that most of the time Apple does nothing, and they are able to turn a huge profit at the expense of the user. The bug seems to be in the Google News app, which is hogging gigabytes of mobile data in the background.

The issue has been verified and addressed by a Google News community manager last month, but the problem is still prevailing. If you are in the U.S., or another country that has unlimited data, it may not be as big of an issue.

The report also claims that OEMs which do not install Google Chrome will no longer be receiving revenue generated by Chrome users from Search.

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