Two Mega Millions tickets worth $1 million prize sold in MI

Two Mega Millions tickets worth $1 million prize sold in MI

The store sold the lucky ticket with the numbers 5, 28, 62, 65,70 and the mega number 5.

Two winning lottery tickets worth millions of dollars were sold in the Central Florida area, meaning locals who made a decision to test their lottery luck should check their numbers.

Lottery officials said ticket sold in SC won the record-breaking prize.

The victor can take $878 million in a lump sum cash payment or be paid out in annuities over 30 years.

The ticket sold Tuesday is worth about $877.8 million in a lump-sum cash payment, which most winners choose to take. Lottery officials confirm that 36 second prize tickets matching the five white ball numbers were drawn. That game itself now has a monster jackpot, though a small one relative to Mega Millions: Powerball stands at $US620 million ahead of Wednesday's drawing. One of those tickets was sold in Pennsylvania.

The jackpot ballooned because no one had won since July, when a group of office workers in California shared a $543 million prize.

So who won the jackpot in SC?

If there are no jackpot winners in other states, the pot will swell to an estimated $2 billion by Friday's drawing.

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If you still feel lucky, you can take a shot at the $620 million dollar Powerball grand prize. The previous record was a $1.586bn jackpot for a Powerball draw in 2016.

They may not have won the record-breaking $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot, but some people in the D.C. area can dry their tears with a much bigger bank account. We can't wait for the victor to come forward so we can have them come in and celebrate.

Mega Millions announced the win in a statement early Wednesday. A ticket costs $2 - but the odds of winning are about 1 in 302 million.

Unlike in many other countries, U.S. lottery winnings are taxable at the federal level while some states also impose local taxes.

Although Tuesday's (Wednesday NZT) jackpot was extraordinarily large, it's no fluke.

The biggest jackpot in US history was the $1.586 billion Powerball prize in January 2016. Not too shabby, either.

The Powerball has climbed since the last winning ticket in NY took home the jackpot in August, and has had 20 drawings since then without a victor.

That's according to the South Carolina Education Lottery, which said a single ticket for the record-shattering prize had been sold in the state.

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