McLaren Speedtail can be driven in USA, but there's a catch

McLaren Speedtail can be driven in USA, but there's a catch

Not only does the Speedtail open a new chapter for the Ultimate Series, being the first of 18 new cars or derivatives under the new McLaren Track25 business plan, it holds significance for the brand as a whole! The 2019 Speedtail teases so far haven't offered up a real look at the vehicle, but some images have now leaked that claim to show what McLaren is cooking up. That's the aforementioned workaround that could see the Speedtail attend Cars and Coffee events around the country. The driver sits in the centre of the auto, with two rear passengers positioned either side of the driver, their seats slightly overlapping with the one in front, so the driver will get a good view of his passengers' legs. McLaren will make only 106 of them-a number that matches the F1's production run-and they're already sold out, according to a McLaren spokeswoman. One interesting option that has been tipped is emblems on the outside made from real gold. It quickly became a dream vehicle for fresh-out-of-high-school American entrepreneurs riding the dotcom revolution with millions of dollars to burn and no long-term investment plans.

Just 106 examples of the new McLaren Speedtail are slated to hit the road, at a price of 1.75m GBP plus tax. Power is rumored to be 1000hp, but none of the specs are confirmed at this time. Capable of reaching 250 miles per hour, the £1.75 million model marks a new era for the British automaker. Its carbon fiber body is narrower but longer than P1, measuring nearly 17 feet.

According toMotor Authority, McLaren wasn't keen to plug in the necessary bits required by USA regulations to make the hypercar compliant for road use.

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Because of the lack of curtain airbags due to its center steering design, the Speedtail will not be road legal in the United States. It can be anodised too, meaning you can have any colour - or even images or symbols (the McLaren logo on the rear of the driver's seat is rendered in this way). Two passenger seats are integrated into the carbon fibre monocoque. Unfortunately, this arrangement also puts the auto on the wrong side of regulations here in the U.S. Three digital screens form the dash and two additional screens, one at the base of each of the A-pillars, displays the view of the corresponding rear-facing camera. The body is carbon fiber, the suspension is aluminum and the brakes are carbon ceramic.

About one-third of the Speedtails are headed for North America, the spokesman said. A design element unique to the Speedtail is that the starter button location and the controls to open the windows and doors are in panels above the driver's head. As the company had previously mentioned, the seat is in the center, as with the old McLaren F1 road auto.

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