Anti-Semitic and political violence rattle US midterm elections

Anti-Semitic and political violence rattle US midterm elections

Trump will be campaigning most heavily on behalf of Republican Senate candidates, which is projected as a much closer battle than the House, which is likely to flip to the Democrats.

Political pundits say that the opposition Democrats are all set to regain control of the House, while Republicans will retain control the Senate, where it has a wafer-thin majority of 51-49.

However, Democrats have gained traction in key gubernatorial races this cycle.

Vice President Mike Pence said during a campaign stop in Michigan that the first midterm election is typically hard for the party holding the White House and that "conventional wisdom" would suggest tough times for the Michigan GOP.

"Clearly the Kavanaugh confirmation was an inflection point to activate the Republican base, and even pull over some Democratic men", said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant based in California.

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This is enough to take 225 seats and claim a narrow majority in the House. Capitol Correspondent Cheyna Roth reports the Republican and Democratic candidates will be traveling the state as the clock ticks down to Election Day.

"I don't think the math adds up for a change". "But the reality is that many voters in this country hold Donald Trump responsible for the divisive rhetoric these days".

The ad, full of images of economic rebound in leafy suburbs, comes at the start of a hectic week of campaign rallies for Trump but underscores polling showing Republicans' deficit among college-educated women in suburban House districts.

Southwest Florida and the Panhandle are two party strongholds where Republicans look to run up large vote margins.

Many incumbent Republican House members have chosen not to stand and contest their seats in November. Both the developments have given the opposition Democrats an edge over the Republican.

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