Ken Masters is Officially Playable in Smash Ultimate

Ken Masters is Officially Playable in Smash Ultimate

The "Smash"-focused Nintendo Direct also detailed the amiibo coming to the game, a handful of new characters, a new mobile app, and how online play will work". The goal is to collect as many spirits as possible by completing unique challenges.

Joining the ranks of Duck Hunt Dog as this generation's freaky character reveal is one of Bowser's most memorable minions, Piranha Plant!

It all ties into the expanded Spirits Mode hub in Super Smash Bros.

A trailer for the World of Light adventure mode debuted during the presentation.

The For Fun and For Glory distinctions have been done away with, instead matchmaking based on optional rules determined by the players.

One of the major revelations from the Direct was that there are no trophies in the game, unlike all the previous Smash Bros.

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The game is due out on the Nintendo Switch on December 7. Sadly, he won't be available for a couple months after launch, though given his matching amiibo scheduled for release on February 15th we can't imagine the wait will be long. A season pass will be available called a Fighters Pass, which will offer all five of the scheduled DLC characters once they become available.

Online features were also announced.

Super #SmashBros Ultimate includes 59 Assist Trophies, such as Spring Man from #ARMS, #SuperMario's Thwomp and #StreetFighter's Guile!

Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass for £22.49 now and get an exclusive Mii Fighter costume of Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The spirits seem to be represented in-game as mostly 2D artwork but they all have special buffs and abilities that they can confer to your chosen fighter. We also know that each new fighter will be a fleshed-out character in their own right, rather than just Echo versions of those already on the roster.

The first of the DLC roster additions is the Piranha Plant, who will be free shortly after launch.

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