Obama to rally for Indiana senator who backs Trump policies

Obama to rally for Indiana senator who backs Trump policies

Forecasts indicate Democrats will take back the House while Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

In order to win control of the House of Representatives, the Democrats need to make a net gain of 23 seats.

Tester is in a tight race against Republican Matt Rosendale. "The promise is Trump will have an easy foil to run against: Pelosi and Democratic leadership".

However, Republicans have gained ground in some rural districts, such as outside the cities of St. Louis and Cincinnati, where conservatives have rallied to support Trump, according to the Cook report.

Trump on Friday appeared in West Virginia with Patrick Morrisey, who is seeking to unseat Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

"Mike Braun will say anything to get elected, but the fact is that he was an active Democrat for decades, and voted to raise your taxes 159 times", one of the ads reads.

Christopher Galdieri, an assistant professor at Saint Anselm College, said Democrats "have been fired up about 2018 since shortly after the 2016 election".

With rallies taking place in Montana and Florida, a state he had already visited on Wednesday, President Trump is keeping up his relentless campaign schedule before Tuesday's ballot, which has become a referendum on his utterly unconventional presidency. They promised hardline immigration policies and more tax cuts, arguing that Democrats would erase two years of progress.

According to independent polling site FiveThirtyEight, Democrats have a 15.9 percent chance of winning control of the Senate.

"So one side could increase their strength within the caucus, but only if they win a larger share of the seats up for grabs", he said.

Historical records show only twice since 1934 has any sitting president's party gained seats in both houses of Congress - in 1934 and in 2002.

It comes just days before midterm elections. New York's Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing Republican Marc Molinaro in the governor's race.

Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall begin tour of The Gambia
Ahead of the visit, Prince Charles said he was delighted to be returning to Ghana which he first visited more than 40 years ago. The royal pair will fly to Ghana on Friday and to Nigeria on November 6. "Some of them were happy, some of them not so happy".

"The president's party nearly always loses seats in the midterm, so it will not be a surprise if there are Democratic gains", West said.

Trump is speaking in West Virginia, where he is campaigning for Republican candidates ahead of Tuesday's midterm election.

Trump has personally campaigned for DeSantis and has had harsh words for Gillum, considered by some to be a potential future star of the Democratic Party.

"We're in a battle for America's soul", Biden, his voice faint and scratchy, told a crowd at a high school south of Cleveland.

Flake has been a vocal critic of Trump and is not running for re-election, and he added that he is "cheering" for a few Democrats, including Rep. Steve King's opponent.

The governor's mansion also is up for grabs and two key open House seats now held by Democrats are considered toss-ups.

"I can tell you that it's definitely part of a divide-and-conquer strategy that a lot of politicians, including the president, have used successfully in the past", Curbelo said Thursday on CNN.

President Donald Trump says a video he tweeted showing a Mexican migrant in a courtroom smiling and boasting about killing police officers is tough "but correct".

The Democrats, he said, want to "clear the borders" and smuggle "the clandestine ones before the American citizens".

Even as illegal immigration has dipped to a quarter of what it was in 2000, Trump claims that the country faces an "invasion" of Central Americans. The majority of heroin in the U.S.is manufactured in Mexico and Colombia. "Anybody going to vote for Donnelly in this room?" He has said he will support or oppose Trump based on his specific ideas and how they affect Tennessee.

"On a whole host of investigative threads, our work is fundamentally incomplete, some issues partially investigated, others, like that involving credible allegations of Russian money laundering, remain barely touched", Rep. Adam Schiff, the panel's ranking member, said after chairman Devin Nunes, a Republican, shut down the investigation earlier this year.

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