Things Car Owners Can Do To Combat Air Pollution

Things Car Owners Can Do To Combat Air Pollution

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology also said that changes in the speed and direction of the wind, and more stubble burning, had made the air more toxic.

Defending claims that stubble burning is the sole reason for Delhi's air pollution and not the city's traffic conditions or industries, CM Arvind Kejriwal reportedly blamed the Centre for not giving adequate machinery to the farmers in Punjab and Haryana.

The state pollution control bodies of Delhi have directed to initiate criminal prosecution against violators.

"Uganda and many other African states have flagrantly reneged on their commitments under the Abuja Declaration of 2001 to commit at least 15% of their budget to health ( now it stands at 9.3%); The Paris Agreement on reduction of emissions; 2030 Development Agenda or Sustainable development goals". "Only then can we find a soln", the Delhi CM tweeted.

A team of Delhi-based engineering college students has won a competition by US' prestigious Marconi Society for developing an innovative mobile application that estimates the quality of air in one's neighbourhood by analysing the images taken by a smartphone camera. "Seriousness is needed to deal with the issue of increasing pollution in the national capital", he said.

The first day of restriction in Delhi was imposed on Thursday after "severe-plus" air quality was measured with the AQI crossing the 500 mark. Union Minister Vijay Goel blamed Kejriwal for polluting Delhi.

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Suraj School in Gurgaon has started an initiative to distribute gooseberries to students, which, according to health experts, minimize effects of air pollution on lungs. Noting that private vehicles contribute to 40 per cent pollution in Delhi-NCR, the EPCA urged people to reduce the use of private vehicles during this period and use public transport or other means.

This information was shared as the top court expressed displeasure that orders passed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the Supreme Court in 2015, prohibiting the plying of such old vehicles in the Delhi-national capital region (NCR), had not yet been complied with.

Sunil Dahiya, senior campaigner at Greenpeace India, told ABC News that although the end of the monsoon season this time of year brings a spike in air pollution, the problems New Delhi faces are a long time in the making.

The sale of air purifiers had surged 40 percent from past year because of increasing public awareness about the effects of pollution on health, company and industry officials said.

Across 35 areas in Delhi where pollution is actively monitored, the average concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 was 221 and 408 microgrammes per cubic meters on Wednesday at 7 p.m., against 263 and 472 units on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the pollution level in the city dipped and was categorised as "poor". Diesel generators had been banned Badarpur power plant has been shut down since October 15.CPCB has also launched an app called "Sameer" which provides hourly updates of the national Air Quality Index (AQI) published by Central Pollution Control Board.

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