10-year-old girl allegedly murders baby

10-year-old girl allegedly murders baby

Police questioned one adult and three children who were at the daycare centre.

Schneider's mother, Judy Schneider, said her daughter and granddaughter's deaths are "still not real for any of us", and her 6-year-old grandson, Jasper, can't grasp what happened.

Lake Hallie police said the 21-year-old pickup driver, Colten Treu, and a passenger told investigators they had been huffing just before striking the Girl Scout troop.

The youngster, who can not be identified because of her age, appeared before Chippewa County Circuit Court on Monday - an adult court - because of the severity of the allegation. Authorities said she had been removed from their home in September and placed in foster care. The suspect is now being held in the Chippewa County Jail on four counts of homicide while intoxicated. They were picking up litter off a western Wisconsin highway Saturday morning when they were hit by the truck.

The traffic crash claimed the lives of Jayna S. Kelley (age 9) of Lake Hallie, Autum A. Helgeson (age 10) of Lake Hallie, Haylee J. Hickle (age 10) and her mother Sara Jo Schneider (age 32) from the Town of Lafayette.

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A woman with the group and three Girl Scouts - including her daughter - were killed, and a fourth girl was critically injured.

Treu was "somewhat out of it", the passenger said, and grabbed the wheel back, drove off the roadway and struck the group, Newell said.

"The driver appeared to be somewhat out of it", the district attorney said. The children and their adult chaperones wore bright green safety vests as they walked along both sides of County Highway P, which they had adopted as a community service project. In a statement, the Girl Scouts of the U.S. said, "Our hearts are broken for the girls and families". She reportedly told investigators she didn't want to get into trouble. He also faces multiple charges for fleeing the scene.

The 11 charges filed against Colten Treu on Tuesday include four counts of vehicular homicide and four counts of a hit-and-run resulting in death. He surrendered to authorities Saturday.

Treu was found guilty of "operating with a prohibited blood alcohol concentration" in November 2014 in Chippewa County, the complaint says.

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