MI voters to decide on recreational marijuana, anti-gerrymandering, voting options

MI voters to decide on recreational marijuana, anti-gerrymandering, voting options

MI will also levy a tax on the sale of recreation cannabis.

MI voters legalized recreational marijuana use for residents over the age of 21 with retail sales of the product subject to a 10 percent tax. Before Tuesday's vote 20 of the 50 states allow it for medical use. "I don't want people to go to other states to get it and spend their money somewhere else".

In Utah and Missouri, voters on Tuesday decided that patients should have access to medical marijuana.

Meanwhile, a similar measure in North Dakota is poised for defeat. Amendment 2 passed by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent.

Missouri voters opted to approve the sale of medical marijuana with a 4 per cent tax on cannabis sales with the revenue dedicated to health care services for US veterans. The Yes on 3 campaign says the state is the first "to successfully defend transgender rights by popular vote".

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Utah's medical legalization effort is a bit complicated: Despite what Utah voters decided on Proposition 2, the governor will still call for a special legislative session to craft an alternative, more limited bill.

OH was the most recent state to legalize medical weed through a ballot initiative in October, and Vermont became the first state to bypass the polls entirely by legalizing recreational cannabis through its state legislature in January.

Once considered a taboo product, a growing number of Americans support marijuana legalization.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol says public consumption and driving under the influence are not legalized, and no commercial sales will happen until businesses are licensed and approved.

State Senator Coleman Young II attended a pro-recreational pot party in Detroit.

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