Trump fires US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump fires US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

But with Sessions's resignation, that's changing.

Whitaker, a former United States attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, had served as Sessions's chief-of-staff since September 2017. He would not have nominated him, he said, had he known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Trump wrote on Wednesday.

Sessions said that he did not think he should lead the investigation since he had been a Trump campaign surrogate. Sessions' exit also opens up the question of who will permanently fill the position. I was a federal prosecutor for five years and was proud to serve in the Department of Justice, and I would've brought that case.

Despite this warning, Romero was far from upset about Sessions' exit, calling him "the worst attorney general in modern American history".

Matthew Whitaker, left, and Jeff Sessions. He said the resignation came at "your request".

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Privately, Trump has derided Sessions as "Mr Magoo", a cartoon character who is elderly, myopic and bumbling, according to people with whom he has spoken. But he and Mr. Trump have clashed, particularly after it was revealed Mr. Rosenstein talked about secretly recording the president or having him declared incapacitated. In recent months, however, some of those allies had signalled a willingness to tolerate Sessions' removal after the Midterm election.

Who is the new attorney general?

"Mueller has come up to a red line in the Russian Federation 2016 election-meddling investigation that he is dangerously close to crossing", wrote Whitaker in August of 2017. "He will serve our Country well", Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump was asked about Sessions' future in the administration at a press conference earlier today, though he did not provide a direct response. "Jeff Sessions gave some bad answers", the president told The New York Times in a July 2017 interview.

Despite it all, Sessions never found himself back in favor with the president.

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