Navy plane intercepted by ‘irresponsible’ Russian jet for 25 minutes

Navy plane intercepted by ‘irresponsible’ Russian jet for 25 minutes

The Russian SU-27 passed so closely in front of a U.S EP-3 surveillance plane that the crew aboard the US plane reported that they experienced turbulence. Passengers reported turbulence during the first pass and vibrations from the second.

"The Russian Su-27 executed a hard right-to-left turn from the U.S. EP-3's right side with an excessive closure rate and came within five feet of the EP-3's right wingtip".

The entire incident lasted for 25 minutes.

The U.S. command complained in a statement about the low-level flight made by the SU-27, during its follow-up maneuver to the U.S. exploration aircraft, whose presence in that region is rejected by the Russian government.

"Although the Russian military has the right to train in worldwide airspace, this interaction was irresponsible, the statement of the US Navy. This interaction was deemed unsafe due to the fact that the su-27, made speed the passage directly in front of the aircraft, endangering pilots and crew", the report says. "We expect that they will behave in accordance with global standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents, including the 1972 Agreement on the prevention of incidents on and in the high seas (INCSEA)", - stressed in the U.S. Navy.

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The Russian Embassy in the United States posted a brief statement on Twitter denying any fault.

It's unclear how close the aircraft came to hitting each other or whether the Russian fighter was armed.

Also in the U.S. Navy stated that these actions were irresponsible, therefore, appealed to the Russian side with the requirement to behave according to global norms.

In January, a Russian fighter flew dangerously close to a USA reconnaissance flight over the Black Sea.

"The Su-27 jet's crew reported identifying the #US EP-3 Aries spy plane and accompanied it, preventing a violation of Russian airspace and followed all necessary safety procedures".

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