Ron DeSantis Beats Andrew Gillum To Become Florida Governor

Ron DeSantis Beats Andrew Gillum To Become Florida Governor

The hotly contested race in Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams was seeking to become the first black woman to be elected governor of a USA state, remained too close to call early on Wednesday. We got to be willing, inside elections and outside of elections, that our voices still matter.

"It was brutal. I don't know".

Eleventh-hour polls had shown what appeared to be a significant shift against Republicans in highly anticipated races for the Senate and governor's mansion. Bill Nelson by about 26,000 votes or 0.32 percent. Gillum called himself "the most unapologetically progressive" candidate in the five-candidate Democratic field and staked out some positions beyond the reach of state government, such as his call for Trump's impeachment or his endorsement of Sanders' "Medicare for all" plan.

DeSantis' victory continues the drought for Democrats seeking Florida's highest office that started in 1998 when Bush defeated Buddy MacKay, who had been Lawton Chiles' lieutenant governor.

Democrats, playing catch-up after a net loss of 13 governorships and more than 900 state legislative seats during the eight-year Obama administration, fielded their largest slate of legislative candidates in more than three decades.

The contest featured racist robo-calls by an Idaho white supremacist group, a televised statement by DeSantis that voters could "monkey this up" - though he denied it was a racist dog whistle, and pushback from Gillum in a televised debate.

Gillum, who grew up in Richmond Heights in Miami-Dade County, made history in August as the first black gubernatorial candidate for a major party.

Florida ballot initiative giving former felons the right to vote passes
Before the result, Florida was one of the four states that did not restore voting rights to felons after serving their sentences. Kim Lawrance, an activist whose 18-year-old daughter is now incarcerated, would like to see her child be able to vote one day.

DeSantis, whose endorsement from President Trump boosted his nomination for the Republican party, pledged during his campaign to keep taxes low in Florida, and improve the coastline through beach restoration and flood mitigation. "Plenty of Republicans came out and stuck with the ticket down the line". Broward's turnout was roughly 54 percent.

"The polls might say the opposite, but Andrew Gillum really won". Korge noted that two years ago, Clinton also performed about five points better than Gillum in Miami "Right there is the difference in this race".

It's going to take a couple of days to unwind exactly what all of this means.

Kemp accused Democrats on Sunday of trying to hack voter registration systems, without offering any supporting evidence.

DeSantis won by over 55,000 votes (.68 percent) in the intial vote count-very close to triggering a recount.

Overall, Democrats agreed Wednesday that one step toward ending their quarter-century in the proverbial desert lay in treating elections as a never-ending process.

Many Georgia voters from both parties on Tuesday said racial politics was not a deciding factor in this election. What's more, the biggest Democratic stronghold counties of Broward and Miami-Dade failed to deliver almost as many votes as they have.

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