Dion Lewis on 'cheap' Patriots: 'Hell yeah, it's personal'

Dion Lewis on 'cheap' Patriots: 'Hell yeah, it's personal'

Vrabel, in his first season as the Titans coach, played eight seasons as a linebacker for Belichick before he was unceremoniously traded to Kansas City, and he conceded that he went nearly a year without talking to Belichick after the release. "That's what happens when you go cheap".

"I give them credit, they beat us", Brady said. I can understand that emotion.

"Winning football takes a lot of things, takes a lot of good performance by a lot of people, and losing football is the exact opposite of that", Brady told reporters after the loss. I am sure when they go to different places they want to beat us, absolutely. "Yeah, we'll see how it goes".

While Brady was in no position to start a war of words with anybody after Sunday's loss, one can safely assume that if the Patriots and Titans end up somehow meeting in January, Lewis' comments will be a hot topic inside the walls of the Patriots' locker room.

Edelman has started to hit his stride the last few weeks after returning from a torn ACL and a four-game PED suspension. "Or maybe it's talk to other coordinators who've played us to kind of get their sense - so there's some elements of game-planning against us that has been more consistent game-to-game than it has been with the team, our opponent, and what they've done in their previous games".

Amazon HQ2: NY politicians criticize 'corporate welfare'
During the bidding process , neither Northern Virginia, nor NY disclosed much detail about their incentive offers to Amazon. It's about to be official: New York City and Washington, D.C. will soon be named the winners of Jeff Bezos' golden tickets.

The Patriots' red-hot offense ground to a halt Sunday.

So if you're stuck with Bell, the only solace you have if he doesn't sign by Tuesday afternoon is: You're part of history, and in the future, you'll probably stay far away from any player who's hinting at a holdout around draft time.

The open guy rarely was a player like Phillip Dorsett, Chris Hogan, Dwayne Allen or Jacob Hollister.

"I am not thinking much about who is where", Brady said. We have to do a lot of self-analysis and self-scouting and I think really buckle down on the things that have worked and get rid of the things that haven't worked.

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