Skype calling arriving soon for Amazon Echo devices

Skype calling arriving soon for Amazon Echo devices

Once enabled, you'll be able to start Skype calls by using phrases like "Alexa, Skype mom" or "Alexa, call dad on Skype". Now the user is ready to make Skype calls using voice any time easily without much fuss. Per The Verge, Pandora Premium users are now able to stream songs, full albums, and playlists to Echo devices, and you can also set Pandora as the default music library on Alexa. When you link Skype and Alexa, you'll also get 100 free minutes of calls per month for two months. To do so, open the Alexa App on your iOS or Android device.

It was already possible to make calls and video calls with Alexa devices, but Skype is a huge, cross-platform service, so being able to make calls with it through Alexa is a big get for Amazon and a potential selling point for Echo devices.

To that second point, Microsoft has just announced that Skype calling is now available via Alexa, with Amazon's Echo hardware supporting basic Skype calling. Go to Settings Communication Skype to link the account.

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For better, Video calling experience, it is suggested to update the Skype version to 8.34 or later.

The Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Dot can be used to make hands-free Skype voice calls whenever Alexa and Skype are available.

According to Microsoft, Skype calling is compatible with all Echo devices release thus far, going back to the first generation Echo.

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