Google's Digital Wellbeing App is out of beta and ready for use

Google's Digital Wellbeing App is out of beta and ready for use

What might excite you the most about the Pixel Lite is that it'll carry the same camera optics and capability as of the flagship Pixel 3, which has been getting rave reviews from across the board. This is the same website that released full hands-on video of the Pixel 3 XL way before the official launch event.

After a minor hiccup that left countless consumers believing that their pre-ordered Pixel Slate would be shipping out as early as yesterday, we now have a firm release date for Google's Chrome OS tablet.

The Pixel 3's camera superiority is achieved thanks to its 12.2-megapixel rear sensor that works in tandem with Google's clever machine learning algorithms.

Google's Digital Wellbeing App is out of beta and ready for use

Digital Wellbeing finally comes out of beta and now supported to all Nokia smartphones that are running Google's latest Android, Android Pie. Google has confirmed that Call Screen will soon be able to save transcripts to your call log, meaning you'll no longer have to be looking at your phone as Google Assistant screens your call to see what it's all about. The Pixel 3 XL also received a lot of negative feedback due to its design, the device sports an extremely tall display notch, quite probably the tallest one out there, even though it's not as wide as on some other phones. It will take a few days for the Google Phone update to reach all the corners of the world.

I should point out that a similar situation unfolded with the Pixel 2 a year ago. Truth be said, not much Android Q info surfaced thus far, but we did spot one rather specific leak recently.

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