Coli outbreak: 22 cases in three provinces

Coli outbreak: 22 cases in three provinces

"Our investigation at this point suggests that romaine lettuce associated with the outbreak comes from areas of California that grow romaine lettuce over the summer months", the FDA said in a statement.

All romaine lettuce in the USA was pulled from store shelves November 20 in a recall led by the FDA and all consumers, restaurants, and other institutions advised to get rid of any romaine on hand. She says special labeling would be required for the romaine given clearance to go on the market.

The labeling arrangement was worked out as the produce industry called on the FDA to quickly narrow the scope of its warning so it wouldn't have to waste freshly harvested romaine. But Canadian officials identified romaine as a common source of illnesses in Canada. "Until such a time that they find the true cause of the outbreak, you should not eat any romaine lettuce", food safety expert Darin Detwiler, director of the Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries program at Northeastern University, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Now that winter has settled into applicable parts of the United States, romaine lettuce crops have transitioned to desert regions in California and Arizona, as well as Florida.

Even though romaine from the Yuma, Arizona, region is not implicated in the current outbreak, it was blamed for an E. coli outbreak this spring that sickened more than 200 people and killed five.

Robert Whitaker, chief science officer of the Produce Marketing Association, said labelling for romaine could help limit the scope of future alerts and rebuild public trust after other outbreaks. "You as the consumer have the voting power with your dollar to say that my health and the health of my family is more important than someone trying to make excuses to continue to sell this".

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It also remains to be seen how quickly federal health officials will be able to pinpoint which region is responsible for the current outbreak.

The FDA urges people to only purchase labeled products and those that aren't should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase. "It's likely that the implicated produce is from California".

The CFIA will implement additional control measures to verify that products from the areas identified in the U.S. FDA's investigation are not being admitted to Canada. The people who have gotten sick recently because of the same outbreak have also been observed to be infected with the similar fingerprint, as far as the recent E. coli strain which infected quite a few people a year ago, is considered.

The FDA said it's also assembling a task force that will examine in the next 90 days which other greens need similar labeling, such as spinach and other types of lettuce, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Leafy greens were also blamed for an E. coli outbreak a year ago.

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